Dickson child's death now classified as homicide

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The death of a 2-month-old boy who died September 2012 has been ruled a homicide, and a criminal investigation is now under way to find out what happened.

Grayson Sanders Huse appeared to have died of natural causes until the autopsy results came back. Now, one of the suspects in his death is his father, Robert Huse, who was prosecuted for a 2008 child abuse charge involving a different infant son.

According to Dickson police Detective James Eubank, the coroner said the manner of Grayson's death was homicide.

"The autopsy ruled that it was a blunt trauma to the head," Eubank said.

Robert Huse showed up when a Channel 4 News crew was filming his son's gravesite.

"I think it's wrong my son is getting involved in this. I mean, he's resting in peace. That's the way it needs to stay," Robert Huse said.

He was aware that the police are looking at him in connection with his baby's death.

"They can look all they want. They're not going to find nothing," he said.

Robert Huse was prosecuted for a 2008 incident involving another son, who was 5 months old at the time. The father was charged with aggravated child neglect after that child was brought to the hospital with a head injury.

Robert Huse later pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact to child abuse and received a sentence of two years probation. His wife at the time, the boy's mother, got three years probation.

William Heggie, the grandfather of the child in that first abuse case, is fighting for custody of his two grandchildren. His daughter is the children's mother and is now divorced from Robert Huse.

"Me and my wife sat up 24 hours, night and day, with that baby, because we thought for sure that he would die," Heggie said of his grandson's head injury.

The child lived, and Heggie and his wife had custody of the boy and his sister for the next two years.

The Department of Children's Services later decided to place the children back with Robert Huse, although he had pleaded guilty in the 2008 incident.

"I thought it was the wrong decision," Heggie said.

Then, in September 2012, the Heggies read a funeral notice stating Robert Huse had another child with a new woman, and that baby, Grayson, was dead.

"We could not believe what we had seen," Heggie said. "I said, 'You see there? There we go again.'"

After Grayson's autopsy came back, DCS removed Robert Huse's two older children and placed them in foster care.

Robert Huse hasn't been charged in connection with Grayson's death although he's a suspect. Investigators also haven't ruled out the involvement of other people.

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