Bogus flier taped to trash cans worries neighbors

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A bogus flier from the fictional "Office of Information Awareness" is being taped to trash cans in Tempe, and it has some neighbors worried.

"(The flier) says 'Sorry we missed you,' and it's from the Office of Total Information Awareness," said Carmen Febus, whose 88-year-old father first spotted the official-looking orange flier. 

"Then it said (the 'agent' who posted the flier) checked my waste for suspicious purposes," she continued.

Febus said she wanted to simply throw away the flier, but her father was worried.

"He basically told me 'You're going to jail,'" said Febus.

So Febus called Tempe police, who told her it was likely just a solicitation. CBS 5 News checked out the website listed on the flier. Posted on the website are instructions on how to download and mass produce the flier. The site says the flier can be used as an anti-government activist tool. Calls and emails to the website operator were not returned.

"I think it's a scare tactic, and I don't think that's appropriate because we have enough stress in our lives. We don't need more stress onto our lives," said Febus.

A spokesperson from the city of Tempe suggested residents that find the flier on their trash cans call the city at 480-350-4311. If you spot someone taping a flier on the trash can, which goes against city code, contact the non-emergency number for Tempe police at 480-350-8311.

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