Breast implant breakthrough

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Breast implants are big business in the U.S. with women spending $1 billion on cosmetic surgery every year. Now there is something new for women. One may believe it is not only safer but more natural looking as well.

Like kids in a candy store, more women are seeking out a type of silicone breast implant that doctors call the "Gummy Bear." Women in countries all of the world have been using them for nearly 20 years, with great success. In the U.S. they were still being tested.

According to Dr. Gustavo Colon, a plastic surgeon, "I've heard from doctors and they say they like them they get very good results."

Now they are approved for use here. The company Sientra will manufacture them. The implants got the catchy nickname because when they're cut in half, the implant is stable and retains its shape, much like the chewy candy.

Doctors we spoke with in Cleveland tell us the Gummy Bear implant is quickly becoming one of their most popular choices.

So with so many choices, what makes the Gummy Bear a favorite? For one, doctors say the shape stays stable over time, they last longer because there are fewer complications, including capsular contracture, a painful scaring and hardening.

Experience from other countries show they are less likely to rupture because the natural shape keeps them from making fold or creases that you can feel through the skin.

Doctors feel it is best to place the implant under the muscle, going in through a one to two inch incision in the fold under the breast.

The Gummy Bears are about $1,000 more than saline implants, but they do come with a lifetime warranty. The Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery center does the implants.

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