Facebook pages prove to be valuable crime-fighting tool

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Brimfield Police Facebook Page Brimfield Police Facebook Page
Police Chief David Oliver Police Chief David Oliver
"No mope" sign in the Chief's office "No mope" sign in the Chief's office

Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with friends, but it's also a valuable tool when it comes to fighting crime.

"Our 29-thousand likes covers all 50 states and 26 countries," said Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver, who uses his popular page in his crime fighting efforts.

"Maybe 10 year ago when you didn't see a meth lab being portable, now they're readily portable and people who commit crimes are very mobile."

Put a mug shot on facebook or the details of a crime, Chief Oliver says and the virtual community becomes part of the solution.

"If we have a video of a theft situation or a robbery we will post a picture of that person in an attempt to identify them.  And we'll clearly say on the picture this person is innocent of any crimes until a court deems otherwise, however, we need to talk to them."

And a lot of people are talking back to the Brimfield Police by posting tips and comments.

"Mopes, I have a word of advise from Sgt Adkins.  He tells us, if you're going to steal something from a business and run out of that business in an attempt to flee, do not hide next to the marked police car."

A mope, Chief Oliver tells us, is a person that leeches off society and generally is involved in criminal activity.

Alright all you dopes, I mean mopes, straighten up and flight right. 

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