Family disputes threat made at schools

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Tiffany Black via video arraignment Tiffany Black via video arraignment
Tiffany Black's Family Tiffany Black's Family
Brown Aveda Institute in Rocky River Brown Aveda Institute in Rocky River

Tiffany Black, 20, of Lorain remains in jail after students at the Brown Aveda Institute in Rocky River reported to school administrators that Black threatened to "bring a 9mm to school and shoot the place up, spraying everyone."

Also, according to the Rocky River Police report, an administrator at Brown Aveda told police that Black posted a picture to her Facebook page of her holding a handgun with a caption that read, in part, "Bullets don't have (expletive) names."

Black's mother, Misty Yamrick, was at Rocky River court Wednesday morning and claims the gun in the picture was not real and neither was the threat. 

"Bullets don't have names?" asked Reporter Brian Duffy.

"No," she said.  

"That's not threatening?" Duffy asked. 

"No, it's not threatening," Yamrick replied.

Yamrick said her daughter has mental issues and that she has had treatment and is currently looking for a new doctor. But, she does not believe Black made the threats to the students or that the Facebook posting was meant as a warning.

"You see kids going and shooting up schools, absolutely, I see that,  but is she a threat, no," said Yamrick.

Black's fiance, Kenneth Willihoite, also denies any threat.

 "The public is going to believe what they want, and the police are going to believe what they want. I know how it is, and she ain't going to do something stupid," he said.

Black, charged with menacing, is being held on $75,000 dollar bond. Her attorney faxed in a not guilty plea and she will be back in court on January 24.

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