Police: Woman arrested for menacing after threatening message posted

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Mug Shot of Tiffany Black (source: Rocky River Police) Mug Shot of Tiffany Black (source: Rocky River Police)

Police have arrested a 20-year old Lorain woman for aggravated menacing after she posted a threatening picture on Facebook.

Rocky River officers say Tiffany Black was taken into custody Friday after a warrant was issued for her arrest earlier in the week.

Police say they took several statements from students with the Brown Aveda Institute on Detroit Rd. that said Black had made comments that she will bring her 9mm to school and shoot the place up, spraying everyone.

According to the police report, an administrator at the institute also reported that Black had posted a picture of herself on her face book page holding a hand gun with a very treating caption that stated: "To all the people that live around me playing your games bullets dont have fu*&?!* names and u think im fu&%#*! playin wit u im done come fu&%*#! see me or i will be looking fo ya broke ass".

The case was turned over to the prosecutors office and they issued a warrant.

Black's initial court appearance was Friday and her bond was set at $75,000. Her next court date is wed. At 9am.