Longview police arrest second man in apartment burglary case

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Robert Acles Robert Acles

Longview police have made another arrest on Thursday in the case of an aggravated robbery that occurred late Monday night in Longview.

Police arrested Robert Acles in connection with the robbery.

Police say a man was killed late Monday at a Longview apartment complex while trying to burglarize an apartment when he was shot by the occupant.

Police arrested another suspect on December 18.

Shots were fired sometime Monday night at the Towne Oaks Apartments in the 2500 block of Eastman Road in northeast Longview, according to police.

When police arrived, one of the two people found inside the apartment had died, according to Police spokesperson Kristie Bryan.

Bryan says that the man who was killed, 17-year-old, Noah Wood, was attempting to burglarize the home when he was shot and killed by the occupant of the apartment.

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