FBI: 'Most Wanted' fugitive blends in because of bland looks

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Age -Enhanced photo of Brown. This is what the FBI says he may currently look like. Age -Enhanced photo of Brown. This is what the FBI says he may currently look like.
Brown in 2004. Brown in 2004.
Robert Palomares, the armored truck guard killed in 2004. Robert Palomares, the armored truck guard killed in 2004.

Eight years after a horrific midday shooting that left an armored truck guard dead, the FBI says they are not giving up the search for suspect Jason Derek Brown.

"That day was just like a normal day," said Derak Palomares, the brother of the victim. He said he will never forget when he heard the news that his brother, Robert Keith Palomares, died.

"My grandmother called me just distraught. I couldn't really make up what she was saying and I rushed home," he recalled.

That was Monday, Nov. 29, 2004, just a few days after Thanksgiving. Robert Palomares was collecting the weekend earning from an AMC Theater in Ahwatukee when a man walked up to him and shot him multiple times in the head.

"I came in and (my grandmother) was standing in this very room and she said, 'Your brother was shot and killed.' I just remember everything closing in. Everything just went blank," said Derak Palomares.

Almost immediately, Phoenix police and the FBI identified Brown as the suspect. He was seen leaving the scene on a mountain bike and has not been located since.

"Everyone knows him as the guy with the red sweater on with that little smirk on his face," said Derak Palomares. 

"To me, that's him laughing at me. (He's) laughing at the authorities. (He's) just laughing at everybody saying, 'Try to catch me now.'"

That is exactly what the FBI is trying to do. They have released age-enhanced photos of Brown that show what he could look like today.

"We've got hundreds of leads on those. We've followed up on each and every one of them," said Special Agent James Turgal, who is in charge of the Phoenix Field Office.

However, Turgal explained Brown is bland, and that has allowed him to evade capture for so long.

He has a common look, so he could blend in a lot of places. "He's mid 40s, (a) white male, 5'10", light to medium build. Imagine the number of males in North America, the U.S. and Canada that fit that description," said Turgal.

Derak Palomares knows the odds are in Brown's favor, but he hopes one day, he'll be able to visit his brother's grave with good news: Brown has been caught.

"(Brown) is good at what he does. He can manipulate people. That's what he is and that's what he does. I believe he's here in the United States. He's right under our nose," said Derak Palomares.

The FBI says they also believe Brown is in the United States. One theory says he is hiding among the Mormon population, possibly in Utah. Brown is a former Mormon missionary.

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