Where to find hot holiday bargains

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Sale ads in the newspaper. Sale ads in the newspaper.
Loading up carts for the holidays! Loading up carts for the holidays!
Black Friday previews can be found online. Black Friday previews can be found online.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- If you're already filling your trunk with loads of holiday gifts you are not alone. 80 percent of people said they have started shopping and many are out there finding bargains.

At Meijer, customers are not only being treated to big sales on popular toys, but on some days customers save an extra 15 percent just by using their Meijer credit card.

Deynese Evans is a mother of four and does most of her holiday shopping online, but the sales are getting her out of the house."A lot of the things on my children's list are on sale. I can also get the 15 percent off," Evans said.

She doesn't plan to be out in the shopping crowds, but anyone saving up for savings on Black Friday there are entire web pages devoted to tracking down the biggest savings. There's even a Black Friday app for iPhones and iPads.

For some stores, the early bird savings continue this year.  WalMart, Sears and K Mart will all open Thanksgiving night. 

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