PD: 5 Flagstaff officers hurt trying to break up bar fight

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William James Butler III, 23 William James Butler III, 23
Isaiah Lewis Buck, 24 Isaiah Lewis Buck, 24
Kenneth Brashawn Chapple, 21 Kenneth Brashawn Chapple, 21
Brandon Lavon Chapple, 22 Brandon Lavon Chapple, 22

A bar fight in Flagstaff that injured five officers and led to four arrests has police adding extra staff for this weekend's homecoming at Northern Arizona University.

Flagstaff police Sgt. James Jackson said officers were called to San Felipe's Cantina on Thursday night for a fight between two groups.

Jackson said as the officers tied to pulled the suspects apart, the officers were assaulted by people in the crowd who were encouraging the suspects to keep fighting.

Additional officers were called in to assist, and a total of five officers were taken to the hospital with injuries.

Police arrested William James Butler III, 23, Isaiah Lewis Buck, 24, Kenneth Brashawn Chapple, 21, and Brandon Lavon Chapple, 22, on several counts of aggravated assault against police officers, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Flagstaff police said due to NAU homecoming activities in the downtown area this weekend, there will be extra patrols downtown and a dedicated squad of officers to work the homecoming events on Saturday.

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