Christian volleyball teams dedicate game to Isabel Celis

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Isabel Celis disappeared from her East-Tucson home nearly 6 months ago. Isabel Celis disappeared from her East-Tucson home nearly 6 months ago.
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Volleyball players from two local high schools served up a prayer for a missing Tucson girl. Saint Augustine played Desert Christian High School.

They prayed for the safe return of Isabel Celis. The six month mark of her disappearance is just a couple days away.

Volleyball captain, Mariela Encinas said "The whole team knows the family. The whole team has been affected by it. It's a story we hope to get out there and keep in the public."

At tonight's game, Saint Augustine Varsity Women's Volleyball team wore purple ribbons in their hair. Each player signed a card for Isabel with messages that read, "Come home safe baby girl," and "We miss you so much. We can't wait for you to come back."

Isabel Celis' mother watched the game from the stands. She says she's overwhelmed by the ongoing support for her daughter. She says each day she prays and hopes she'll get that one phone call.

"I can't be locked in a closet or crying myself away. I have to be ready for the day she comes home," said Becky Celis, Isabel's mother.

We checked in with police tonight - they tell us they've investigated around 3,000 leads but still no Isabel.

Meanwhile a group of volunteers continue their efforts to keep Isabel's name and face out there.

Valerie Ballesteros, assistant volleyball coach, said "I stepped down while the public was wanting to help out but now it's time for all of us to step back up and get it going stronger than what it's ever been. Six months is coming up we just want her home."

Isabel's father, Sergio and her two brothers were not in attendance.

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