Locals near scene react to shooting

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BISBEE, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The silhouette of an aircraft and the presence of Border Patrol continued to create the scene south of Highway 80 between Bisbee and Douglas Tuesday night after the fatal shooting of Nicholas Ivie Tuesday morning.

"The helicopter (went) all night long, all night long, which kind of distressed me, but not really, because years ago there used to be helicopters out here all the time," said Annie Macak, who lives near the scene.

Macak thought the activity was a search for illegal immigrants before she learned about the shooting.  She said that she is used to most activity along the border.

"Years ago there used to be 50 people a month walking across this land.  (Now) we don't get 50 a year.  They've really squeezed it way down.  I don't know where they're crossing but it's not here," Macak said.  And she said that the shooting does not change her feeling of security.

"Overall, people crossing illegally, that's down," said Bisbee resident Faye Douglas.

While she considered the news of the shooting to be sad, she did not feel any less safe.

"I think that this was drug involved and, you know, wrong place, wrong time," Douglas said.

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