Scam artists target homeowners in trouble

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Scam artists are targeting struggling homeowners.

It was just days after the government's $25 billion mortgage settlement was announced that scam artists began working their con.

In Alabama, some homeowners were promised cash payments from the settlements if they would just provide their routing numbers to the person on the other end of the phone.

And then in Illinois, others were informed they qualified for a loan refinance, under the terms of the settlement. But they had to fork over a hefty up-front fee.

And then there was the call to the California attorney general, informing her she could get money from the settlement.

Each of these instances were scams.

And surely the complaints will begin rolling in here in Arizona now that Attorney General Tom Horne has announced Arizona will get $57 million in the mortgage settlement funds.

But those homeowners that legitimately qualify for some of the funds have already been mailed claim funds.

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