Cheeba Chews impersonate candy but have pot baked in

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Police are warning parents to be on the lookout for Cheeba Chews.

They look and taste like Tootsie Rolls, but with one key difference. They have marijuana baked in.

"It's made to look like flavored candy, but one of the main ingredients is THC, the active ingredient in marijuana," Overland Park Police Sgt. Eric Houston said.

Houston oversees the school resource officers in the schools inside the city limits of Overland Park. He said officers are keeping a close eye out for the Cheeba Chews.

"We expect this is another trend that's happening in other places we might see here," Houston said. "We hope we don't see it here, but if we do, well, we will be ready for it."

Cheeba Chews are made by a Colorado-based company. Medical marijuana is legal in Colorado. According to a statement from the owner, "Cheeba Chews are only sold to state licensed centers in the legalized state of Colorado."

But Overland Park police are still worried it will make its way here, saying the drug is disguised in what appears to be a yummy candy.

"People may not know what it is. A parent may not recognize it," Houston said. "It's certainly something that concerns us and we'll be on the lookout for it."

A piece of Cheeba Chew has about the same amount of THC as a joint. Anyone cause with a chew will face a charge just like you were carrying a joint.

Houston wants parents to have a conversation with their children and be vigilant just like school officials and police officers.

"If parents know that it's out there, they can be watching for it at home," Houston said. "It's a matter of everybody working together to identify it."

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