Activists protest 'anti-migrant' laws at Festival of Resistance

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SB 1070 marchers at Festival of Resistance SB 1070 marchers at Festival of Resistance
SB 1070 protester SB 1070 protester
The outrage continues over a judge's decision to allow the "show me your papers" portion of SB1070 to take effect in Arizona, and members of the Hispanic community gathered Saturday night for the second annual Festival of Resistance.
They marched to the Fourth Avenue jail to protest what they call anti-migrant laws. During preparations they hoped 1,000 people would show up. We spoke with activist Salvador Reza about what message they hoped to get out there.
"We have been here for hundreds of years and will continue to be here despite the attacks on our community," Reza said.

Reza said his friends are getting arrested left and right; friends like Bogar Osorio. As preparations grew complete and the sky grew dark, Osorio shared his story with us.

"They say it's because I ran a stop sign, but I think it's because of racial profiling," Osorio said.

He claimed he came to a complete stop but was arrested and taken to jail when he couldn't provide papers. He said he was then taken to ICE, but was let go.

"I'm here to fight for our people, to fight for my family, my friends," he said.

"We're going to go and tell Joe Arpaio we will resist," Reza said.

But the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is unfazed.

A spokesman had this to say: "This has been happening for years and it doesn't change anything. We're going to continue to enforce the immigration laws."

And with about 10 or so Phoenix patrol cars controlling traffic, the protest reached the very place these people are trying to avoid.

We reached out to Phoenix police to comment on Osorio's arrest but they said they could not find any arrest records pertaining to his name or date of birth. We will continue checking with them.

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