Want to lose weight? Stand up!

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Get moving! That's what doctors will tell you. But getting up and standing, instead of sitting, can do more than help you stay fit or lose weight.

Many jobs require sitting at our desks, which causes many of us to be sedentary 55% of our day - and that's not good.

Doctors are also finding that standing can decrease your chances of developing some cancers, diabetes, even obesity.

Dr. Anup Kanodia from the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center says, "If you went from an eight hour a day job of sitting, to a five hour job of sitting, just three hours difference, you can burn off probably a pound a month."

So how can you stand more, if you work all day at a desk?  
If you are in an office setting, try organizing a standing meeting.

Use a timer on your computer that can let you know when to get up and move
Make it a practice every time the phones rings, to stand up and answer it.
And, take a five minute walk every hour in the office.

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