Police defend force used on 77-year-old driver

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Police in the Keene, TX, said an officer who pulled a 77-year-old woman from her car did not violate department policies.

Video from a police dashboard camera showed Sgt. Gene Geheb explaining to Lynn Beford that she was speeding. 

The sergeant asked Bedford for her driver's license and insurance information at least four times, but she refused.

At one point she told him, "Just hurry up. I've got to go the bathroom. I have a bladder infection."

Geheb then tells her he is going to take her to jail, at which point Bedford replies, "Well go ahead."

The officer is then seen pulling Bedford out of her car and onto the ground.

Ultimately, Bedford was ticketed for speeding and failure to identify herself.

According to Station KTTV in Dallas, Bedford's attorney, Clay Graham, claims his client's actions were justified.

"She had a pretty good reason for speeding, probably a justification or necessity for that," he said

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