Floods damage Anthem family's home; community turns out to help

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After yesterday's severe but isolated storms in Anthem, those living in the hardest hit areas are trying to figure out what to do next.

 "It was horrible," homeowner Christina Vides said.

"The rain was coming down. It was hailing, and the water came up all the way almost to the fence," she recalled.

Vides said Tuesday's storms were unlike anything she has ever seen in her 10 years of calling Anthem home. After more than an inch of rain fell in less than an hour, Vides' backyard retention wall broke, and her first floor was flooded.

"It's horrible. There is nothing to explain this. This is the worst thing to happen to me in my life," she said.

All afternoon Wednesday, family and friends helped salvage what they could in Vides' home. They piled whatever was not touched by the muddy water into their garage. Meanwhile, Vides tried to cope with what to do next.

"It's going to be OK. It will be OK," she told her daughter.

"We have each other, and everybody is going to help. They're going to help us," she continued.

Because Vides' home is not in a flood zone, she never purchased flood insurance. She said her insurance will not cover any of the damage.

"It's not classified as a flood zone, but look at what happened," she said.

The family plans to stay with Vides parents, who live in Surprise. An account has been set up at Wells Fargo for donations to help the family.

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