Teen passerby uses CPR to save Milwaukie man's life

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A seemingly random chain of events saved a Milwaukie man's life Monday when a good Samaritan saw him collapsed on his front lawn.

It all started Sunday night when Gabe Shallouf misplaced his cell phone charger. Instead of finding it, he turned his phone on airplane mode to save battery and missed a call from his boss to go in to work early.

Instead, he ran errands with his mom and little sister, 11-year-old Edythe Pascoe.

"We were going to go get a part for his motorcycle, but luckily that place was closed," Edythe Pascoe said. "If we waited any longer, he would have been dead."

Shortly after noon, the family was driving home along Oatfield Road when they noticed a man down in his front yard.

"I look over my shoulder and see a guy lying next to his lawn mower," Shallouf said. "I thought he was asleep, but then I thought that's kind of stupid."

"We saw the position he was in and knew he was dead," Pascoe said.

Shallouf's mother called 911 while he used the CPR training he'd learned in the Navy a year ago. He performed chest compressions for nearly 10 minutes until paramedics arrived and took over.

"It seemed to me like he died on me a couple times," Shallouf said.

But 79-year-old Jim Alexander survived.

"By the grace of God it wasn't his time," said his wife, Danielle Alexander.

Danielle Alexander said her husband had angioplasty 10 weeks ago, though doctors haven't said why he collapsed while mowing his yard.

Danielle Alexander said she's amazed at Jim Alexander's luck since most of their yard is hidden by trees and can't be seen from Oatfield Road. Cars whiz by at 35 mph.

"He could have been someplace else on the property and no one would have seen him," Danielle Alexander said.

If Shallouf hadn't stopped, Jim Alexander would have died, according to Clackamas fire crew reports.

"I'm just glad he's alive," Shallouf said.

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