Ex-Phoenix cop sentenced in narcotics theft case

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A former Phoenix police detective was sentenced to nearly four years in prison after pleading guilty to stealing drugs from the police department's evidence storage room.

William B. McCartney, 37, pleaded guilty in June to one count each of fraudulent schemes and theft.

He was originally charged with 40 counts, including those crimes and other offenses.

McCartney was also sentenced to four years of probation.

McCartney was arrested June 27, 2012, in Pittsburgh and extradited to Phoenix on July 18. He was indicted in August 2012 on multiple counts of tampering with evidence, possession of narcotics and dangerous drugs, computer tampering, felony theft and fraudulent schemes.

Phoenix police conducted a quarterly audit of drug items cleared for destruction from its property room in January 2011. They discovered some Oxycodone tablets were replaced with over-the-counter medication.

McCartney was arrested in March 2011, but quit the police force and was released pending an investigation.

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