Cold Case Posse lacks law enforcement experience

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When Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that he believed President Barack Obama's birth certificate was a forgery, he went to great lengths to defend his Cold Case Posse investigators.

But a CBS 5 investigation shows those investigators have little law enforcement experience for such a high profile and complicated case.

Jerome Corsi is the conspiracy theory writer who brought the birth certificate question to Arpaio last year. He has no law enforcement experience, but a track record of writing conspiracy-laden articles and books, at least two of them about Obama.

That background did not prevent Arpaio from allowing Corsi to travel to Hawaii to assist in the investigation.

Mike Zullo is called the lead investigator for the Cold Case Posse. Last week, he told a room full of reporters that he had five years of experience as a police officer in Demarest, NJ. An online search shows the Demarest Police Department currently employs nine police officers. You can see the website here.

Zullo also reportedly worked as a private investigator before moving to the Valley in the early 1990s. For the past 20 years, Zullo has worked in the car sales business, most recently serving as president and CEO of the company, Autotruth. He did not reveal that information during last week's news conference.

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