Kringle Candle expands

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For decades the Kittredge family has been making candles.

First Michael Kittredge founded Yankee Candle, and years later he helped his son, Michael "Mick" Kittredge to start Kringle Candle in 2009.

Now, thanks to an increase in demand, the business is expanding to a new headquarters in Bernardston.

"By making the move we have been able to 10 time our capacity from our previous factory down the road," said Kringle Candle Company President, Mick Kittredge.

The new headquarters is bigger and has more efficient and modern equipment.

"We can produce around 8,000 jars a day we also produce small candles around 10,000 units there a day," Mick Kittredge said.

The new 38,000-square-foot facility allows all facets of the company to be housed in the same place.

"The entire company, instead of being broken up into multiple different sections and buildings scattered across the Bernardston area, it is all under one roof now," Mick Kittredge said.

Around 50 employees currently work at the soon-to-be-named Kringle Drive location, but the company's president said there is room for growth.

"For the time being we are holding at the same workforce. However, we do anticipate a growing demand for going into the holiday season," Mick Kittredge said.

The expansion of the Kringle Candle is also bringing in business and revenue for the small Franklin County community.

"We are bringing a lot of additional business to the area," Mick Kittredge said. "So our revenues are going up in the area and more taxes are being generated, so the town is better off."

And Michael Kittredge said the company continues to succeed because it is providing a unique product to the industry.

"Kringle Candles are totally décor neutral," Michael Kittredge said. "We keep saying that phrase because you can buy any fragrance and it will go with any décor because it is white."

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