Report: Mummified body found after PCSO deputy botches welfare check

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A sheriff's deputy allegedly botched a welfare check on a Pinal County man after failing to see some major warning signs, such as a naked woman answering the door. But he reported the man fine even though he never actually saw him. His actions that day cost him his job and may now cost him his peace officer certification.

Pinal County Deputy Kenneth Boldin was called out to do a welfare check at a trailer back in August of 2010. A report from the Arizona Peace Office Standards and Training Board says when he got there, the wife of the man he was looking for answered the door naked. She apparently told Boldin her husband was fine. The report says Boldin took her word for it and left. But then a week later, he was asked to do another welfare check on the same guy. The same woman answered the door, again, naked. This time he went inside and found her husband dead, his body mummified - a sign he may have been dead up to three weeks. The woman was apparently living without electricity or water, and was confused and disoriented.

According to the report, Boldin never told detectives at the scene that he did a welfare check the week before. In an interview after the fact, Boldin told his superiors he didn't see anything unusual about the woman answering the door naked because it was hot in the trailer. He also said she didn't act like anyone was dead on the property. Boldin was fired in January of last year.

A spokesman for the Pinal County Sheriff's Office sent us a statement, saying, "Sworn deputies take an oath to protect and serve.  When members of the Pinal County Sheriff's Office fail to carry out their duties as expected by the public and demanded by fellow officers, they are subject to disciplinary measures.  In this case, the deputy failed to ensure the safety of an individual as requested and then failed to report his actions later to detectives.  His actions warranted termination, which were upheld by the merit commission."

The Standards and Training Board will soon vote on whether to revoke Boldin's state certification. We paid a visit to his home today in Casa Grande but were told he wasn't home.

Adult Protective Services, who ordered one of the welfare checks, couldn't give specifics on this case. The Pinal County Sheriff's Office didn't provide names and address of the couple as of Friday evening, but a spokesman said we may never know exactly what happened there. 

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