Your comments on Babeu misconduct claims

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Here's a sampling of your Facebook comments on allegations that Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu and his attorney threatened to deport an alleged ex-boyfriend of Babeu if that man went public about the relationship.

"Couldn't care less about Paul Babeu's sexual orientation. Rags like the New Times should be ashamed of themselves. Wonder how much Jose is making off of his lies. Another scorned lover with his hand out ... and looking for vengeance. Pathetic ... really." -- Susan

"Wait, this is someone who has tried to build his career on being tough on immigration. Yet his boyfriend was here illegally and he knew it. I don't care if his is gay but he is a huge hypocrite. Does anyone feel lied too? This isn't a left or right issue. if you continue to support him your a fool." -- Rachel

"I've never liked Babeu and never had any plans to vote for him. So what if he's gay, we need to get to the bottom and find out if these charges are true. That's what the people in District 4 need to be worrying about." -- Kathy

"Babeu is guilty of a cover up and threatening someone with a lie. That is enough to cast shadows over his political career. Despite his accomplishments, one cannot separate corruption from the good he has done. If he's making poor choices like this now, would happen if he were elected and another gay lover got in the cross fire of what he had to do?" -- Celeste

"Politicians are not known to be totally truthful. Most of them are lawyers. As long as he keeps his private life separate from his job. He doesn't care who I sleep with, why should I care who he sleeps with?" -- Deb

"Come out of the closet already. Life is much better when you don't have to lie and hide and people can really know you." -- Richard

"If Paul Babeau was a Democrat, all of you tea partyers would be making homophobic comments and calling for his head." -- Andrew

"It matters not whether or not he is gay, it does show you have to be careful who your with, gay or straight, that some things can come back to haunt you. It's about ALL the choices we make. Eventually it gets out, it's the age of instant media." -- Sharon

"Who cares? Did the man not do his job? Have you seen anything in his work ethic that indicated he was gay? No!!!! So that's his preference and not yours...start judging people on their works and not on their personal lives!!!" -- Deborah

"His sexual preference has nothing to do with the job he is doing, I for think he has done a good job." -- Glen

"His sexual preference is of no concern of mine! The people of Arizona need to focus on his record... And his record only!" -- Karena

"I don't think he had a choice but to confirm it.  The evidence was pretty substantial, however I don't think the boy made up the deportation threat. "I see no reason why he would, and that calls his ethics into question. I'm a Republican, and he doesn't get my vote." --Michael

"And I remember this hypocrite ranting about the President's repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell.......PHONY!!!" -- Don

"I believe he's pretty brave to admit that he's gay on television." -- Amanda

"That man has done a wonderful job and is well thought of as a sheriff.  His sexuality has nothing to do how he does his job. Who cares if he is gay - he is a wonderful human being and does a GREAT JOB !!" -- Vickie

"His sexual orientation has nothing to do with how he does his job. As far as being "caught" - he should not have had to divulge his homosexuality previously (or now). As far as not being true to his party, I am a Democrat but I don't always agree with what some of my representatives believe and he has a right to the same option." -- Estella

"It is not his sexuality that is the issue. Who cares? It is the hypocrisy that is a problem. Clearly he cannot be that anti-illegal immigration if he had a relationship with someone who was in this country on an expired visa. Then to use/abuse his position to threaten when the relationship goes sour. Not to mention the naked pics he sent to someone he thought was another conquest. Didn't that behavior take down Congressman Weiner and others?! That hypocrisy is what I have a problem with." -- Tony

"What's your dirty little secret? Seriously all of you quit judging!" -- Peri

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