2 guns found in home of suspect killed by officer

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Improvised explosive device that police found Improvised explosive device that police found
Officer James Peters Officer James Peters
John Loxas John Loxas

Two loaded pistols have been found in the home of a suspect fatally shot by a Scottsdale police officer Tuesday night. 

Investigators said they discovered a loaded pistol a few feet from where 50-year-old John Loxas fell inside the residence after he was shot by Officer James Peters. Police said it is believed to be the weapon Loxas used to threaten neighbors.

It was wedged between the arm and cushion of a chair a few feet away from where he fell. Police also located a loaded shotgun near a chair a few feet farther into the residence.

A functional improvised explosive device with black powder and ball bearings inside was also located in the home, police said.  A bomb squad officer safely removed the device.

Sgt. Mark Clark of the Scottsdale Police Department said Loxas was walking with his baby grandson in his arms when an argument with neighbors escalated into the suspect pulling a handgun and threatening two neighbors before he returned to his home.

Police said the baby boy is OK.

Several of Loxas' neighbors had called police, according to police investigators.

When police arrived at the house near 77nd Street and Garfield, the man came out of the house with the child in his left arm in front of his upper body and face. Moments later, according to Clark, Loxas reached down to his right, lowering the baby. That's when Peters fired a single shot at the suspect's head, Clark said. Loxas died instantly.

Peters is a 12-year veteran with the force.

Clark said toxicology tests were scheduled on Loxas.

Scottsdale police said they have responded to other calls at this particular address in the past.

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