Could Peyton Manning play for Arizona?

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Could Peyton Manning play for Arizona? That's the question many Cardinals fans are asking after rumors surfaced last week franchise player Larry Fitzgerald had dinner with the Colt's quarterback.

CBS 5 News asked Fitzgerald about the rumors.

"I know for sure I haven't talked to Peyton since last year at the Pro Bowl. That's the last time I actually had any dialogue with him, so where the rumors come from, I have no idea," said Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald would only say both Peyton Manning and his brother Eli Manning, as well as the Patriots' Tom Brady, were great quarterbacks. He side-stepped the question of whether he'd want to play with Peyton Manning here in Arizona. 

"Honestly, I don't know. I have no say so in that. Whatever's going to help our team win.  (Quarterbacks) John (Skelton) and Kevin (Kolb) have done a good job and worked hard for us over the course of the year -- John for two years," said Fitzgerald. "I'm just here and whoever's throwing, I'm going to try to catch it."

Fans who lined up to see the Cardinals' star at a Scottsdale AT&T store Monday evening had stronger opinions of a possible Fitzgerald-Peyton Manning duo.

"If he's healthy, I think they should go for him," said Frank Abu-Sharif, a Cardinals fan.

"It would be very awesome because him and Larry will be the best partnership," said Adel Sav, also a fan.

"I think Peyton should stay home.  I think he's done. Why should he hurt himself again? I mean, it doesn't make any sense," said Marie Bates, who said she was a long-time Fitzgerald fan.

"I think that would be awesome, with Larry Fitzgerald on his side (he could go to a) Super Bowl again," said Kenneth Fox, a fan.

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