Gilbert residents awake to loud noise from generating station

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A loud noise shook many people in Gilbert from their beds Friday morning.

"I just thought maybe there was something catastrophic that was going to happen, no warning, no nothing so it was kind of pretty frightening," said Von Hurst.

Von was still in bed when suddenly his whole neighborhood was greeted by a hissing noise that Von likened to 100 hot air balloons about to land on his roof.

"I guess if you were at an airport standing behind a plane and they were getting ready to thrust up and all of a sudden you hear that big "woosh" sound and it was so loud like that for 20 minutes."

SRP has a hydro turbine power plant at Warner and Val Vista less than a mile away.

A SRP spokesman sent this statement.

At the San Tan Generating Station a unit tripped. The sky vent opened to release steam and as it did it made a loud noise.

SRP assured people in the immediate area that they were never in any danger.

The spokesmen said this unit that went offline was fairly new.

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