Could it be? Another chupacabra sighting?

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(Photo courtesy KGUN) (Photo courtesy KGUN)

A Tucson meteorologist spotted a creature about the size of a coyote,  but with no fur and with dark skin and big ears.

Some think it's the chupacabra, the creature of urban legend.

Rumors of the mythical creature have been bouncing around the Southwest for half-century. It's said to attack goats and livestock.

The word chupacabra comes from Spanish terms for "suck" and "goat" and when placed together, mean "goat sucker." Chupacabra sightings have been rumored in North America, Mexico and Puerto Rico for more than 50 years, though descriptions can be varied. One constant is the supposed predilection of the chupacabra to attack goats or other livestock.

Scientists familiar with the legend of the chupacabra say the animals probably are coyotes, raccoons or other furry mammals suffering from a skin disease that causes loss of hair.

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