Grandmother and supporters decorate Jhessye's memorial

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It has been 2 1/2 months since Jhessye Shockley of Glendale was reported missing.

Police believe the 5-year-old will not be found alive. Investigators say the girl's mother, Jerice Hunter, is the focus of their investigation into her disappearance.

On Tuesday, the missing girl's grandmother, Shirley Johnson, showed up at the memorial with Christmas decorations and invited others to place ornaments and stockings at the site to remember Jhessye.

"This is my job to get out here keep this baby name alive. Today I'm not just doing it just to keep her name alive. I'm doing it so if she pass by somewhere she know her grandmother's out there," said Johnson.

Johnson believes the little girl is still alive, despite what police say.

"I just don't feel it in my heart that she's gone. Somebody just got her and they need to just bring her home," said Johnson. "I really feel she's alive."

Many people helped in the initial search for the little girl the night she was reported missing on Oct. 11.  One of those searchers was Sally Spidell.  She showed up at the memorial on Tuesday with decorations as well. She said she showed up for one reason, and that was for Jhessye.

"We don't want to give up hope for Jhessye. If she's no longer with us we know that she's with us in other ways. But we need to bring more attention. We feel that people have just stopped looking for Jhessye and really caring about it and we don't need another child in our state or our country that everything's just dropped on and we have no answers," said Spidell.

Spidell said she does not stand in judgement of the little girl's mom, who many believe harmed the little girl and disposed of her body.

"We're not saying that we're judging you. We're just saying if you know anything please let us know, please," said Spidell.

Johnson also said she does not believe her daughter did anything to hurt Jhessye. She said police are wasting a lot of time focusing on Hunter and not looking for the little girl.

"They are going to hit a dead wall. Just spending more time, money, the people's money, on the wrong thing. Keep looking but you need to expand. You're wasting time, valuable time is being wasted because you want to prove yourself right," said Johnson.

As Johnson and Spidell decorated the memorial, a small boy walked up with a teddy bear wearing a Christmas sweater and placed it on the site.

"It's heartbreaking. We had so hoped to have her Thanksgiving, then have her home for Christmas and here it is almost Christmas. We would love another Christmas Eve miracle," said Spidell.

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