Report: Jerice Hunter feels threatened

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Jerice Hunter Jerice Hunter

She's being watched, but just how far police will go to keep tabs on Jerice Hunter is open to question.

Hunter is the mother of 5-year-old Jhessye Shockley, the little girl from Glendale who has not been seen for more than two months.

Now, a police report obtained by CBS 5 News show that Hunter believes her life is now in danger.

A porch light is on, and it's dark inside, but there are indications that Hunter is back in the apartment she once shared with her children, including Jhessye.

Police tore the place apart after Hunter's arrest nearly a month ago. It's the place investigators believe Hunter kept Jhessye in a closet, the place where they believe the little girl died.

The police report that indicates Hunter does not feel safe in her own home.

Hunter, who police say is the main focus in the disappearance of Jhessye, filed the report herself last week.

She told the officer that she believed her "life was in danger," that people had "made threats towards her," and that she was "being followed by several people."

Hunter told the officer she did not know of a specific threat, but she pointed to a Facebook page someone created called "Jerice Hunter monster."

Police and prosecutors have implied that they are watching hunter around the clock.

Hunter's attorney said that surveillance includes putting GPS tracking devices on people's cars who are helping Hunter get around.

In the report, Hunter told the officer that one of her friends removed one of the devices, and then was contacted by two detectives requesting the tracker be returned.

Glendale police would not confirm they are using GPS tracking devices due to the sensitive nature of the investigation.

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