Voters still pick Arpaio

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There have been a lot of names hurled at Sheriff Joe Arpaio over the past few years, from  'The Toughest Sheriff in America' and 'The Godfather of Pink Underwear' to 'Racist' and 'The Devil'.

When it comes to protests. the lines seem very clearly drawn over those who support the Sheriff no matter what, and those who will stand against him no matter what. 

However, outside the world of protests, crime suppression sweeps, and speeches from the podium it appears voters feel more middle of the road when it comes to the man charged with keeping Maricopa county safe.

"I support him yes. I think that he has a hard job and he is really doing the best he can in the situation that he is faced with," said Susie Statman, a Maricopa Resident.

"I think he started off with really good intentions and a good man, but I think he went a little power crazy," said Sid Pebbles, a Maricopa Resident.

"Enforce the law sheriff, that is what you have been doing and we have been happy with it." said Don Boyle, a Maricopa Resident.

Most said there are things Arpaio could or even needs to do better, but over all if an election was held today they are still marking the box next to Arpaio's name.

"I still think that I would vote for him because I agree with the way that he is tough on crime and tough on criminals, but I wish he could find a way to be a little better at working with everybody," said Marni Savoy, a Maricopa Resident.

Some argue Arpaio is made of Teflon and no matter how many allegations, lawsuits and even federal investigations come out against him the voters still pick him. One voter gave CBS 5 news a reason why.

"I would probably vote for him because some times it is better the one you already know than the one they tell you is going to be better," said Martha Taillefer, a Maricopa Resident.

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