Bath salt replacement drug hits the Valley

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We knew it was inevitable that when bath salts were banned there would be a new version of the drug right around the corner.

"We always knew these chemicals could be slightly altered into different forms that could have the same or similar psychoactive affects and that would be the next wave of designer drugs," said St. Joseph's Hospital Dr. Jason Caplan.

The latest designer drug is even stronger than bath salts.

"It's estimated to be 10 times more potent than cocaine," Caplan said.

And he said it's more dangerous.

"It has a much longer time of action so people can stay in these states for days as opposed to hours," Caplain said.

It's marketed as glass cleaner.

The packets clearly say they are not for human consumption.

But drug abuse experts said people are doing just that, ingesting the white powder for a quick high with little regard for the consequences.

"People are going to find something to use no matter what you do," Caplan said.

The three main chemicals in bath salts were banned a few months ago so chemists got creative, making a new drug out of naphyrone.

It's a powerful chemical with serious neurological and physical side effects.

CBS 5 News tried to find it in several valley smoke shops with no luck.

But we had no problem finding some online.

One web site calls it 8 Ballz and sells it for less than 40 bucks a pop.

It's a legal for now version of a very dangerous substance, one that has doctors even more worried than they were with its predecessor.

"The concern as with all of these substances is folks do not know what they're using. No one really knows what the long term effects of these are," Caplan said.

The main chemical in glass cleaner was outlawed last year in Great Britain and it's expected law makers here will follow suit.

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