96-year-old woman robs cradle by wedding 83-year-old

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If anyone has ever wondered if they missed their chance at true love, this story shows how it is never too late to find a soul mate.

It only takes about two seconds to say 'I do.' Only thing, sometimes it takes a lifetime to find the person you want to say it to.

That was the case for 96-year-old Fern Schurr and 83-year-old Paul Tredo.

96-year-old woman ties the knot

"Tonight means I am starting a whole new life," said newlywed Fern Schurr.

As far as love is concerned, they tied the knot with plenty of time to spare.

"We used to eat meals together all the time. Then suddenly, there she was, and it became evident that she was the one I wanted to be with," said Paul Tredo.

"I love him because he is a gentleman. He is kind," said Schurr.

At a combined age of 179, this couple knows a thing or two about good living.

And while they only known each other for just over a year, they have got some words, for those still looking for love.

"It is never too late. You are never too old," said Tredo.

"Love is everywhere. It cannot hide from you," said Schurr. "He is my friend, and I need - we all need friends, and we need people who are sincere in their hearts. And he is."

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