Defense to argue for life sentence in Baseline Killer case

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Mark Goudeau Mark Goudeau

Attorneys for the man convicted of being the Phoenix area's Baseline Killer are set to begin arguing to jurors on Wednesday that he should be spared form the death penalty.

Those same jurors last week found 47-year-old Mark Goudeau guilty of nine murder counts and 58 other charges.

They also found that he is eligible for the death penalty after prosecutors argued that his victims died in an especially cruel way.

Goudeau's attorneys are set to begin arguing that there are so-called mitigating factors in Goudeau's case that merit a sentence of life in prison, not the death penalty.

His attorneys have declined to say what their arguments will be, but common mitigating factors include mental illness or a history of being abused.

Goudeau already is serving a 438-year sentence stemming from his 2007 conviction of raping a woman while holding a gun to her sister's pregnant belly.

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