Robbery suspect tells police he planned to sell jewelry to feed family

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Jonathan Corrales Jonathan Corrales

A man arrested in connection with a dramatic jewelry store robbery in Phoenix said he planned to sell a couple of pieces of the stolen merchandise and use the money to feed his family.

Police said Jonathan Corrales, 23, admitted to robbing the jewelry store at 45th Street and Thomas Road over the weekend.

According to the criminal complaint, Corrales was asking to have more necklaces out of the display case than is normally allowed, so the owner remotely locked the front door.

Police said he shot his way out of the store to escape and then shot at police out of the getaway car.

Police said Adan Orduno was the getaway driver in the robbery.

On Wednesday, Corrales was arrested in the 1600 block of E. Thomas Road on one count of attempted 2nd degree murder, four counts of aggravated assault, two counts of weapons violations, one count drive-by shooting, one count armed robbery with a deadly weapon and one count discharging firearm at non-residence.

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