Psychic: Jhessye Shockley is alive and in Phoenix

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Psychic Dave Campbell Psychic Dave Campbell

The search for 5-year-old Jhessye Shockley has been under way for 2 1/2 weeks now, and still, there are no new leads to report.

CBS 5 News has learned there are a number of psychics taking it upon themselves to work on the case. Glendale police have said it would take some extraordinary circumstances before they would seek out psychic help on any case, including Shockley's.

One psychic who lives near the apartment complex where the girl was last seen shared his vision of what happened to Jhesseye, and that she is not too far away.

"I believe she was abducted. I do believe, at this point, she is still currently alive," said psychic Dave Campbell. "I get information through flashes, through pictures, through sounds, thoughts that come into my head."

Campbell said he believes Jhessye Shockley was taken by a stranger, and is being held in a small apartment in Phoenix.

"I am getting a black female, heavy set, round face, a little bit of cleft in her chin and dimples -- very specific -- and a red scarf that she covers her hair," Campbell said.

Campbell said he believes it was a crime of opportunity. The motive? To sell the little girl for money, he said.

Campbell said he sees the kidnapper snatching Jhesseye in a little red car.

"She acted like, 'It's OK, I'm going to go get your mom.' She told her something like that to console her, and she kept telling her that in the car."

Campbell is also a scientifically-tested medium and he wrote a book on forensic astrology with chapters on several high-profile abductions.

He uses charts with dates and times to figure out what happened.

"The relationship of the planets to each other tells me a story," he said.

Campbell said he believes Jhessye's kidnapper has a boyfriend who's involved, an ex-con with a thin build who drives a brown van with tricked-out rims. All of the  attention from the media might have changed their plans, Campbell said.

"I really feel like he's really nervous about this case, because it blew up, you know?" said Campbell. "He never expected it to be like this."

Campbell says that 80 percent of the time, his information is accurate. And if he's right this time, she's not too far from home.

"Right now, I do believe she's local," Campbell said. "I think she's still in Phoenix, actually, but I don't think that's going to be the case, soon. I think she's going to be transported, and I think far."

Campbell is part of a larger group called "Find Me" made up of about 110 psychics and led by a former DEA agent.

Campbell said he has helped solve 27 cases, and if, and when Glendale police call on them for help, they are ready.

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