Pay It Forward: Scottsdale man goes extra mile to return lost wallet

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Javier Del Carpio, left, and Jenna Cook Javier Del Carpio, left, and Jenna Cook

Jenna Cook was having a great time at the Scottsdale Kidsfest a couple weeks ago until it was time to go.

"I put my wallet on top of the stroller and when I put the stroller in the car it must have fallen out," said Cook.

Inside was $300 saved for an upcoming trip to Payson so Cook's 4-year-old daughter, Cloi, could see her grandparents.

Cook went home to Gilbert and back to Scottsdale but could not find the wallet.

"At that point I figured it was gone. I had already canceled my credit cards, my daughter's bawling in the back seat because I told her we weren't going to Payson," she said.
"Suddenly I saw a thing there and I pulled the car nearby and I pick it up and there's a wallet," said Javier Del Carpio, who was at the Kidsfest with his family as well.

Del Carpio immediately started brainstorming how he could return the wallet to its rightful owner.

"Part of me was thinking I could mail it tomorrow and my wife said you know if I was in that situation I would be relieved if I could get it today," said Del Carpio.

So on Sunday night, Del Carpio went the extra mile, well, 36 miles to be exact.

He drove from his home in north Scottsdale to Cook's in Gilbert.

Cook was still out retracing her steps so Del Carpio taped a business card to her garage door and stayed in the area.

Cook drove up about a half hour later.

"I went over and I pulled it down and I couldn't believe what I was reading.

Not only did Del Carpio drive to Gilbert, he knocked on neighbors doors so Cook would be sure to get the message and know that her wallet was safe.

"I was really starting to think that there weren't any nice people left and it restored my faith. All the money was still inside, all $300, all my gift cards, credit cards, nothing had been touched," said Cook.

That meant Cloi could go to Payson.

"I went fishing with my grandpa," said Cloi, who is so bubbly you have to watch the video version of this story to see it for yourself.

Cook emailed CBS 5 and nominated Del Carpio for our Pay It Forward segment.

We surprised him in Scottsdale with the $500 reward.

And then, Cloi finally got to give Del Carpio the picture she made for him.

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