Dream Act passed in California: could Arizona be next?

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The Dream Act just came true for kids in California.

Some illegal immigrants in our neighboring state can now get taxpayer money for their college tuition.

We all know it's a long shot that Arizona's lawmakers would follow suit, and a lot of you like it that way, but some students are hopeful this will revive the debate. But, those who do not agree say it's clearly breaking the law.

 "I love being here," said German Cadenas. So many so called "dreamers" say the same thing. They all support the Dream Act. "I think this is the best country in the world,"said Cadenas.

But Cadenas is an undocumented student. His family came here from Venezuela when he was 15 years old. That means he does not qualify for federal or state financial aid.

"This is a place where you can be free. You can be who you are," said Cadenas.

And in his opinion, being who you are means getting a college education. "I want to do things that are not just going to benefit me as an immigrant but I want to do things that are going to benefit the society at large regardless of immigration status," he said.

Cadenas is 24 and is enrolled in a PhD program at ASU. He has paid his own way, but would love to see a Dream Act passed in Arizona just like in California.

Gov. Jerry Brown passed legislation that would allow illegal immigrant students to receive state funded scholarships and financial aid.

But not everyone agrees. "It's illegal," said Michelle Dallacroce. She is the President and founder of Mothers Against Illegal Amnesty.

"The taxpayers of the United State, the politicians of the United Stated need to get away from the warm and fuzzy sad stories of people that are illegally in the United States," she said.

 She says it's not about who you are or what you want to do, it's about the law.

"You are illegally in the United States and you are taking a spot away from my child, my neighbor's child, every American child that belongs in the school that you want to attend," said Dallacroce.

There are some provisions for the Dream Act passed in California. You have to meet the same requirements as other applicants, but would only qualify for financial aid after all other legal residents have applied.

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