Phoenix residents sound off about Casey Anthony verdict

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Now that Casey Anthony has been found not guilty of killing her daughter, many people in Phoenix have some strong opinions about the verdict.

"I'm kind of shocked," said Dharmesh Patel. "I thought she would have been convicted, but it was up to the jury. I mean if they say there was a doubt, then there is a doubt."

"I feel there is no justice," said Rebecca Webb. "I feel it's a real tragedy, and I'm quite disappointed to be honest."

"It just doesn't seem right," said Kim Williams. "I don't agree with it, but I guess they probably didn't have enough evidence. But it just doesn't seem right."

"No mother who's kid is missing for 31 days, goes out partying and gets a tattoo," said Betsy King. "She was guilty, no good mother does that."

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