Arpaio starts all woman DUI chain gang

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Wednesday started an only female chain gang made up of women convicted of driving under the influence.

A press release said the inmates will be wearing pink T-shirts with bold letters describing messages about drinking and driving, especially with the Fourth of July holiday approaching along with the Major League Baseball All Star game. 

"I hope this chain gang serves as a reminder of what happens when you drink and drive in Maricopa County," the sheriff said.

The chain gang inmates are incarcerated at the sheriff's Tents Jail where today's temperature are expected to reach 135 degrees. Fortunately for the chain gang inmates, the street temperature will only be 113, according to Arpaio's report.

Arpaio said he will make sure the inmates have plenty of water to keep hydrated and he is sure they will enjoy the reprieve from the hot Tents yard.

The program requires inmates to clean up communities throughout the Valley while saving taxpayer dollars in free labor, the report said.

The press release points to protesters who are expected to demonstrate against Arizona's immigration laws during the Major League Baseball All Star Games.

"If they can be there why can't my female chain gang be there as a public service?" Arpaio said, tying the protesters of a law he supports to the newly found work crew.

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