Group Warns May 21 Is The End Of The World 4-12-2011

Nearly two dozen billboards proclaiming the end of the world are cropping up all over the Valley. The billboards warn to "Save the date, the return of Christ is May 21, 2011."
Behind the billboards' claim is an 89-year-old former engineer, Harold Camping. He broadcasts his teachings over Family Radio; which he owns. Camping claims to have cracked the mystery of the Bible: that Jesus is coming back on May 21, accompanied by a worldwide earthquake.

It is difficult to determine how many of Camping's followers are here in the Valley, as they do not gather corporately. Quite the opposite, they believe modern churches -- all churches -- are evil.
One of Camping's followers is Windle Tucker. Tucker is a former pastor who left his church after hearing Camping's teachings.
"But we know simultaneously when the earthquake is happening, the saints will be in rapture," Tucker explained.
That means they believe those who follow Camping's teachings will disappear into thin air May 21, leaving the rest here on earth to face the great tribulation.
"After the earthquake, those that are left here will go through five months of turmoil, just like you see over in Japan with nuclear fallout and with the earth in chaos," Tucker said.
The Family Radio followers believe that the entire world will be consumed by fire on Oct. 21.
Why May 21? Camping teaches that is exactly 7,000 years after the great flood depicted in the Bible. Camping believes if God told Noah when to expect the rain, why wouldn't He warn us?
Jeff Gonzalez just quit his job at Intel to get ready for Jesus' return.
"So when He told [Noah] that in seven days that the flood was going to come and destroy the earth, in effect God was also saying, 'I will bring judgment in 7,000 years from this day.'"
Dr. Wayne Grudem is a research professor of theology at Phoenix Seminary. Also a Bible translator of original Greek and Hebrew texts, he agrees that Jesus is coming back, but nobody - including Harold Camping - knows when. He also insists it's impossible to determine the exact date of the flood.
"You can't just add up the ages of the people in the Bible who descended, because there are gaps in those genealogies," said Grudem. "For example, in the New Testament, the angel speaks to Joseph, and says, 'Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife.' David lived in 1,000 B.C., so 'Joseph son of David' skips 1,000 years."
Grudem is concerned that Camping's Family Radio has the beginnings of a cult. Grudem does, however, have one prediction of his own.
"And then what will happen on May 22? Camping will say, 'Whoops, I got the math wrong, let me recalculate,'" Grudem said. "And then he'll set another date, and it will go on like that probably until he dies. Unless Jesus does come back; which could happen, any day."