Pit Bulls Terrorize Family Before Capture 3-22-2011

Suzanne McGee let her dog, Baby, outside like she does every morning at the family's home near West Union Hills Drive and 19th Avenue. But Tuesday morning ended differently.

"It happened so fast," McGee said, recalling her small dog's barking that transformed into helpless squeals of agony.
"She was just making all of these horrible, horrible noises, just squealing. It was horrible," McGee said.
A pair of vicious pit bulls had attacked the family dog and then bit McGee's husband and son before the dogs were captured by Phoenix police and animal control officers.
Suzanne and her 49-year-old husband ran outside once they heard their dog.
"One dog attacked (her husband), and then he punched the other dog in the face, and that got them to run away," McGee said.
McGee's husband then managed to run inside the house holding Baby in his arms, McGee said.
"He was covered in blood and (Baby) was covered in blood," McGee said.
McGee Baby's back was broken in the attack and had to be put down. She held a makeshift box casket with the pet's remains while being interviewed by the media.
"It was horrible. I couldn't stop crying," she said. "We have some property up north. We're gonna bury her there."
The pit bulls were running loose through the neighborhood, according to a Phoenix Fire Department spokesman.
A black and white pit bull was captured near the house. The second dog, a white pit bull, was cornered and captured shortly after 9:30 a.m., almost four miles away near Interstate 17 and Thunderbird Road.
A section of the interstate had to be closed for a short time while officers chased the dog.
The dogs were brought back to the residence, where family members provided a positive identification before they were taken to an animal control facility, according to animal control officers.
The husband and 20-year-old son, who was bitten on a leg, were transported to John C. Lincoln Hospital's trauma center for treatment of their injuries.
The spokesman said two reports of pit bulls running loose through the neighborhood were received about 7:56 and 8:30 a.m.
Police believe there might be a third bite victim and are actively searching for anyone else who might have been attacked by the dogs.
Helicopter news footage showed the bloody remnants of a sheet at the family home.
Police officers said do not know who owns the pit bulls.
The dogs will be taken to animal control and will be quarantined for 10 days and checked for rabies.