How To Un-Google Yourself And Why You Should 2-24-2011

Contrary to the movie “Social Network,” where they said the Internet is written in ink, the Web can be written in pencil.
Often times you can take things down without having to hire a high-powered attorney.

“If somebody wants to say bad things about you, they can put it out there easily,” said Matt Salmon, 22.
Mark Macias, a crisis communications counselor said people freak out when they find unflattering photos, comments or information about themselves.
The first thing to do is to determine if whether what’s written is flat-out not true, or simply someone’s opinion.
“Everyone has a right under free speech to say that you smell or you're ugly,” Said Marcias. “Or, you're not a cool person.”
Where someone should draw the line is with information that infers a crime was committed a crime, an assault, a bank robbery, or anything untrue that impacts life, said Macias.
At that point, a person can find out who owns the Website or blog in question by typing in “who is” before the site’s name. Next, write them a letter.
Macias said he successfully helps a New York financial consultant, who was falsely accused of fraud by using that technique.
“I outlined how it was false. I outlined how he had lost millions of dollars in clients,” said Macias.
The parent company of the Website took down the damaging article in two weeks. But Macias said information on the Web spreads quickly. A person must act quickly or more letters will need to be sent.
“It's so important to Google yourself if you have a business. If your reputation impacts your bottom line, then Google yourself,” Macias said.
If the information found is someone’s unflattering opinion, it’s not as simple. Moving the link down a couple pages by creating new content on a more positive note can help. Studies show most people do not visit past Google’s page two.
If private information, such as your social security number, turns up, Google will look into it and take it down once they are notified.
Other information to get rid of might be a phone number. To do that, visit “Remove Phone Book Name From Google” and fill out the form exactly as it appears online. Google said that will permanently remove a person from their Rolodex.