Allison DuBois: Baby Gabriel Will Be Found 3-03-2010

Baby Gabriel will be found, says renowned medium Allison DuBois.
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DuBois, whose psychic gifts form the basis for the hit CBS television series "Medium," sat down with CBS 5 News to share her impressions of the case surrounding missing baby Gabriel Johnson, who was last seen with his mother, Elizabeth Johnson, the day after Christmas in San Antonio, Texas.
Johnson sits in a Maricopa County jail on kidnapping charges relating to the case.
"I feel like (Gabriel will) be found," DuBois said. "It does feel like helicopters are already overhead; it's a place where they're looking."
In the 90-minute interview, DuBois called Johnson's trip to San Antonio a "power play."
"I think she did it because she wanted to hurt the father, like she said," DuBois said. "It's almost like Gabriel was a pawn … It makes me sick to look at him and feel that because kids can't defend themselves, especially babies like this."
DuBois said she used several methods to gain an understanding of the case.
"For instance, if I look at a picture of Gabriel, (the) first thing I look at is his eyes," she said. "That's my window into him. But because he's so young and can't communicate, it's very difficult for me to pull information from him."
What she couldn't read from Gabriel's picture, she read from a video of Johnson in court and the sound of her voice on tape, DuBois said.
DuBois also looked at the text messages Johnson sent to Gabriel's father, Logan McQueary, the day after the baby was last seen.
"I'm already boarding a plane out of the country," Johnson wrote in one of the messages. "When I'm safe, I'll e-mail you the exact location of dead Gabriel's little blue body, if the garbage don't come first."
"I just feel like when she said that, she was sending (McQueary) off on a wild goose chase and trying to hurt the father," DuBois said.
DuBois said she also believes McQueary played no part in what may have happened to his son.
"(Johnson is) trying to make her ex seem like he's a bad person -- which he is not," DuBois said. "The little boy's father was telling the truth and loved the son. I want to reiterate that … So I really feel for him."
Additionally, DuBois said she's convinced that Tammi Smith, the woman charged with custodial interference who claims she was going to adopt Gabriel, is enjoying the limelight and attention from the national exposure this case is getting.
Nevertheless, DuBois said she believes that Gabriel will be found "within the year."
"I really feel like the people working the case are going to make sure he's found," she said.