Tammi Smith Released From Jail 2-03-2010

Donna RossiReporter, KPHO.com
PHOENIXA Scottsdale woman who wanted to adopt an Arizona baby missing for more than a month has been released from a Phoenix jail.
Tammi Smith, 37, posted $15,000 bond and walked out of a Maricopa County jail Wednesday morning around 4 o'clock. As she was leaving jail, Smith told reporters she was innocent. She said the charges against her were created by Tempe police.
"Doesn't mean those charges are going to stick. Doesn't mean those charges are true. But nevertheless they were able to do that because they're the guys with the guns," said Smith.
Police do not believe Smith, or her husband, Jack, knows where Gabriel is or know what happened to the boy. The Smiths have claimed all along they have told police everything they know. But police have said time and time again that the Smiths were deceptive during the investigation and withheld information.
Tammi Smith was interviewed at Tempe police headquarters Tuesday and later booked into Maricopa County jail on charges of custodial interference, conspiracy to commit custodial interference and forgery. When she was released, she talked about the arrest documents released that laid out the reasons for the charges.
"They released a paper full of, full of things that I can't even describe it. It was ridiculous. It's basically like cutting and pasting little pieces of things together but forgetting this and this and this to prove my innocence. It was unbelievably ludicrous. And it's OK, because we have all those pieces to fit back in there that creates all of our innocence," said Smith.
Lt. Mike Horn said the charges stem from Smith's repeated and apparently desperate attempts to adopt 8-month-old Gabriel Johnson, not from the boy's Dec. 26 disappearance in San Antonio.
As she was leaving jail, Smith lashed out at Logan McQueary, Gabriel's father. Smith believes McQueary helped police craft the charges against her.
"I don't believe in my heart of hearts he ever cared about getting that baby. If he did, he had weeks to go get that baby but never once tried. Never once did he go to San Antonio and go to every hotel off of the interstate to say, 'Hey, have you seen this woman or this baby,'" Smith said.
McQueary is currently on his way to San Antonio, stopping along the way with fliers hoping to retrace the path of his son's mother, Elizabeth Johnson. McQueary said he would have left much sooner but detectives asked him to stay in town to help with the investigation.

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