Arizona Board of Regents approve contract for new ASU AD Ray Anderson

Arizona Board of Regents approve contract for new ASU AD Ray Anderson

Arizona Board of Regents approve contract for new ASU AD Ray Anderson


by Brad Denny

Posted on January 15, 2014 at 4:22 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jan 15 at 4:38 PM

Today, the Arizona Board of Regents approved the contract of new Arizona State Vice President of Athletics Ray Anderson.

The new Sun Devil athletic director receives a five-year contract with a base salary of $600,000, along with a $200,000 signing bonus. He will accrue a retention incentive of $200,000 each year; however, it will not be paid out until the end of the contract term.

Anderson’s predecessor, Steve Patterson, had recently received a raise to $450,000 before leaving for the athletic director job at the University of Texas, where he will make $1.4 million annually.

Anderson also has several performance bonuses that can earn him an additional $600,000 each year:

Academic Performance

  • Graduation Rates: Bonuses range from 2% of his salary if the Scholarship Student-Athlete Graduation Rate is 5% higher than the General University Graduation Rate, all the way to a 10% bonus for a rate 20% higher.
  • Student Athlete GPAs: Bonuses range from 2% if the cumulative student-athlete GPA is 2.80 to a max of 25% for a 3.50.
  • Academic Progress Rate: Provided that no individual team APR is below 925, Anderson can earn anywhere from 2% of annual salary if the overall team APR average meets or exceeds 978 to 25% for 996 or more. There are also bonuses tied to this score for the football and men's basketball teams.

Athletic Performance

  • Director's Cup: Can received a 5% bonus for a top 20 finish in the Director's Cup standings all the way to a 25% bonus for a first place spot.
  • Team Postseason Appearance (non-football or men's basketball): For every postseason appearance ASU makes, Anderson receives a bonus equal to two weeks' pay.
  • Individual Sport Top 5 Finish: For every top 5 finish in an individual sport, Anderson will receive bonus equal to one week’s salary.
  • NCAA Championships (non-football or men's basketball): For every NCAA team or individual national championship ASU wins, Anderson receives a bonus equal to two weeks' pay. 
  • Football Performance
    • 5% bonus for winning the Pac-12 South, 7% for winning the Pac-12.
    • 5% for making a non-BCS bowl and another 5% for winning it.
    • 25% for making the national championship game.
    • 50% for winning the national championship.
  • Men's Basketball Performance
    • 2% bonus for winning the Pac-12 regular season title.
    • 4% for winning the Pac-12 Tournament.
    • 5% for making the NCAA Tournament.
      • 6% if they make the Sweet 16.
      • 8% for an Elite 8 appearance.
      • 10% for making the Final Four.
  • Coaching: He will get a 2% bonus for each ASU coach who wins the Pac-12 Coach of the Year Award and 5% for each National Coach of the Year Award.

Anderson will also get various other perks such as tickets, a country club membership, golfing privileges at ASU's Karsten course, and either two cars or an automobile stipend.