Coyote hockey player spends 36 hours trying to escape capture


by Tyler Baldwin

Posted on November 1, 2011 at 6:20 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 1 at 4:34 PM

PHOENIX -- Shane Doan, "Captain Coyote," spent several days in the wilderness trying to escape a mounted pursuer. The man on horseback raced after the NHL superstar as he dove under trees and found himself flying down the side of a mountain.

It was all for a TV show that is making its American debut. The show is called "Mantracker." It airs on the Science Channel. Doan says popularity-wise, it’s the Canadian version of "CSI."

"It was intense. It was way more intense than I thought," Doan said of the adventure.

Here's the concept:

The producers dump you off in the middle of nowhere and send a team of men on horseback after you.
You have about two days to try and elude the Mantracker and get to the border or finish line.

There is a scene in the show where Doan takes a drastic turn and dives down the side of a hill. It looked extremely difficult, if not dangerous. Doan jokes that several people have brought up that moment. He laughs as he thinks about the potential risk it may have had to his health, saying he didn’t think about that at the time.

"To roll your ankle or something, that would not have been a good thing. But, it was a lot of fun," he said.

Doan is no stranger to the outdoors. He comes from a family of cowboys.

Doan tells the TV show’s camera, "In my family you're either a cowboy or a hockey player. I wasn’t tough enough to be a cowboy, so I decided to be a hockey player."

Fortunately on this show he had his much taller brother, Brook, there to help him survive the elements. Doan brags that his brother is a bit more outdoorsy than he is.

"We had an absolute blast! Brook was awesome in it!"

Several of his teammates already got a sneak peek of the show. Coyote defenseman Keith Yandle starts laughing, "I thought Doaner would have stopped and talked to the guy's horse because he is more interested in horses than winning a race."

Doan’s brother would disagree. At one point in the show, out of breath from running, he tells the camera what Coyotes fans have known for years.

"Shane is a machine."