Neighbor honored for saving toddler pulled from swimming pool



Posted on March 8, 2014 at 11:51 AM

Updated Saturday, Mar 8 at 12:00 PM

PHOENIX -- Members of the Phoenix Fire Department on Thursday praised a woman who performed life-saving CPR on a toddler pulled from his swimming pool.

Elizabeth Pappas was honored for saving the life of 1-year-old Stryder Grub after he was found in the swimming pool by his father on the morning of Friday, Feb. 28.

“What happened last Friday was truly a miracle,” Phoenix Fire Capt. Ruben Saavedra said at the press conference.

Stryder’s father told paramedics he left the toddler in his stroller by the pool of their house near 42nd Street and Shea Boulevard and briefly stepped away. When he returned, he found Stryder and the walker in the pool.

He pulled Stryder out of the water, but the toddler wasn’t breathing.

The father took Stryder next door to Pappas' home. She said Stryder looked blue and immediately began performing CPR.

“It was chaos,” Pappas said. “The dad was screaming. He was distraught, and the dogs were barking.”

Pappas said Stryder’s color started to change and he began to breathe. By the time paramedics arrived on scene, the boy was awake and crying.

“I just completely focused,” Pappas said. “I knew I had a job to do, and I was not going to let that baby pass away in my living room."

Stryder’s parents said they plan to take a CPR course but will always be grateful to Pappas for saving their son.

“We can never find the words to thank her,” said Terri Grub, Stryder’s mother. “I just know that she and my son will be bonded forever and ever and ever.”

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