Colorful farm animals grab attention in Scottsdale


by Stella Inger

Posted on June 18, 2013 at 8:08 AM

Updated Tuesday, Jun 18 at 12:13 PM

Do you like the animals outside Searsucker in Scottsdale?

SCOTTSDALE -- Some love them. Others hate them! New colorful farm animals placed in front of a Scottsdale restaurant are getting lots of attention. Driving down Camelback Road near Scottsdale Fashion Square, it's hard to miss the five animals on the north side of the street in front of the Searsucker restaurant.

"I think they're fantastic. In fact, I have a picture of me hugging the pig on my iPhone," Dr. William Davey said.

Davey's office is inside the same building as Searsucker, and like many, he's a fan of the new artwork -- the sheep, the bull, the goat, and the most noticeable, the cow with the word "EAT" plastered on it. But just like those who love it, there are those who equally hate it.

"I was out of town and came back and I was like, 'Is there a circus in town? What's going on here?' I actually thought it was a joke. I love the food, the people at Searsucker, but not the animals, " said Scott Berger who owns Addison Taylor, a custom jewelry business inside the building.

The love-hate relationship is exactly what Searsucker wanted after opening its doors about eight months ago. While the restaurant is tucked away in a place that's hard to see, management says the artwork is helping boost business, especially when times are tough during the summer months.

"It's definitely eye-catching. They're definitely noticing us more when they're driving by and walking by," said Searsucker manager Zack O'Haire.

The man behind the art is known for his eye-catching designs. Thomas Schoos, based out of Los Angeles, helped design inside of Searsucker, as well as the outside. He says he wanted something that was a conversation piece. 

"As soon as you start a conversation, you have an involvement with people, and that's what society lacks today. Everyone lives in their own little world, like no one calls each other anymore, no one interacts, " Schoos said.. 

And a conversation piece it is. So, whether you like it or not, the artwork is permanent.