Foes of Morsi say new draft constitution can't stand


Associated Press

Posted on November 30, 2012 at 11:30 AM

Updated Friday, Nov 30 at 11:33 AM

CAIRO (AP) — Anger against Egypt's Islamist president is once again on display in the streets of Cairo, where huge crowds have been denouncing a draft constitution that was approved overnight by allies of President Mohammed Morsi.

The move escalated the unrest over Morsi's decision last week to grant himself sweeping new powers and neutralize the country's courts.

The crowds appeared comparable in size to the more than 200,000 anti-Morsi protesters who gathered on Tuesday.

A nationwide referendum on the proposed constitution will likely come in mid-December. But opponents appear determined to launch a street campaign aimed at blocking the document from coming to a vote.

One opposition leader told the crowd in Tahrir (tah-HREER') Square, "The revolution is back."

The draft constitution strengthens provisions that set Islamic law as the basis of legislation. And it gives clerics a role in making sure that laws comply with strict Islamic requirements.

At the same time, it gives Egyptians new protections against some abuses of the government that was led by Hosni Mubarak. It contains stronger bans on torture and arbitrary arrest.

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